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How To Ride Coast Gravity Park and Whistler for as Cheap as Possible

Doing my best in Whistler


We are two college students who work basic jobs all summer in order to afford to go to school for the rest of the year. We have been riding bikes for our whole lives and Whistler had always been a riding destination we had dreamed of going to. With the recent construction of Coast Gravity Park and tales of smooth, floaty jump trails, we knew we had to go there as well. There was one weekend where we both got some free time, and the trip was on.

In order to save the most money on the trip, I researched a lot about how to ride Whistler and CGP for as cheap as possible. Our trip was a short four nights and three full days of riding, with a day of travel at either end. We spent one-day riding CGP and two days riding Whistler. It cost each of us a total of around $300 USD from the moment we left our homes to when we returned. If anyone else wants to do the same, here is what we learned.

On the shuttle at CGP


Fortunately, we live near Portland, Oregon, which is just five hours from the US/Canada border. From the border, we drove to Vancouver, from which you must take a ferry to get to the Sunshine Coast. The ferry cost more than we anticipated, having never ridden a ferry before. It was around $100 USD for two passengers and one vehicle (one way, coming back is free). You can save about $20 by reserving the ferry over seven days in advance, or if it’s a weekday, you may not need to make a reservation at all. We had planned to take the ferry back to Vancouver and drive to Whistler after riding all day, Sunday at CGP, but all of the ferries coming back to the mainland were full when we were reserving our spot. This forced us to take the 6:20am ferry on Monday morning, which was not fun to wake up for, but we still made it to Whistler before the lifts started spinning on Monday morning.

Dank sunsets on the first night equal a cool trip ahead.

Gas is far cheaper in the US than Canada, so make…

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