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‘I just want to say thank you’

A RADIO DJ is searching for people who saved his life after he collapsed in the street and suffered a heart attack.

Philippe Palmer had just finished his regular show on Colne Radio in Wivenhoe and was walking towards the bus stop when he felt a pain in his chest and collapsed to the floor in High Street close to William Loveless Hall.

Luckily, passers by where on hand to help Mr Palmer, 54, and he now wants to thank them after the terrifying incident which happened just after 9.15pm on Easter Monday.

Mr Palmer said: “The show went on as usual and I was talking to people from the Cosmic Puffin Festival promoting their event.

“Afterwards, I started to walk to the bus stop like I always do and I felt this huge pain in my chest.

“I collapsed to the floor and it was like my head was spinning and at that stage I didn’t know what was happening.

“A couple from across the road came to help me and the lady, who I know was called Jane sat with me, reassured me, held my hand and kept me calm while I was waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

“When I went into the ambulance she said she would call Colchester General Hospital to see how I was but I went straight to Basildon Hospital on blue lights because they have a specialist heart care unit.

“I keep thinking if she did call then they would have had no record of me coming in and she might be wondering what had happened.

“I would not have been able to call the ambulance by myself – if you had asked me my own name I wouldn’t have been able to tell you.”

Mr Palmer said Jane was in her mid-60s, with medium length blonde. hair while. her companion, a man, was of a similar age, with white hair and a goatee beard.

He handed over his scarf to help Mr Palmer keep warm.

Two teenage boys on skateboards also came to Mr Palmer’s aid, and he wants to thank them.

He added: “They stopped and one of them gave me his jacket while the other one rushed home and…

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