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Is GM Kurt Angle Enough Or Is In-Ring Return Necessary?

There likely was not a single fan unhappy to see Kurt Angle make his long-awaited return to WWE the night after WrestleMania 33, when he became the new general manager of Raw. For the first time in nearly 11 years, Angle’s classic theme graced the arena of a WWE event. Fans nearly blew the roof off the venue followed by the infamous “You suck” chant, creating a memorable, heartwarming moment no spectator will forget.

Rumors had been widespread prior to the official return. Angle’s induction in the WWE Hall of Fame all but cemented that his relationship with the promotion had finally been healed. Given Angle’s outspoken desire to return to WWE several years prior, once it was clear WWE was okay with Angle again, it was just a matter of time.

Of course, the very first question from the vast majority of fans was whether or not Angle would wrestle in a WWE ring again. As much as Angle has always been a great character, he will always be remembered first and foremost for his elite in-ring ability.

That begs the question of whether simply being an on-screen personality for his second WWE run will be enough to satisfy Angle’s fans. Will it always be viewed as a disappointment if we saw Angle’s final WWE match back in 2006 when he originally left the promotion?

Not only is Angle 48 years old, but he has accumulated a laundry list of injuries which began before his professional wrestling career, most notably his neck, which has been the source of major injuries as a wrestler. Such circumstances would cause any promotion to be wary of allowing the man to compete in its ring, WWE most of all given its status as the most popular wrestling promotion in the world and a publicly traded company.

It is the very reason Daniel Bryan is the general manager for SmackDown. If it were not for WWE preventing him, Bryan would still be performing in the ring. Bryan has made it clear…

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