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Letter: Higher-education feedback | Deseret News

The letter to the editor saying “higher education should not be a partisan issue” (July 13) ignored some important facts. It is not a case of “some professors having liberal views and some have conservative views” as the writer said. Many surveys of college professors found they are overwhelmingly Democratic or even identify themselves as far left.

In 2014, 60 percent of professors identified as “liberal” or “far left,” according to the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, as reported by The Washington Post’s “Wonkblog.” It is a growing trend, and in “elite” colleges the disparity is even worse, with the same survey finding 87 percent of professors identifying as liberal in those colleges and only 13 percent as conservative.

I have several friends who teach in college and are conservative who were denied tenure at various universities, even though they had published more than others and were popular teachers. They indicate that the bias against conservatives is very strong on college campuses. Since various surveys have found that the percentage of liberal professors has almost doubled in the last 30 years, while percentages in the population have not changed that much, it seems obvious that there is a bias on university campuses in hiring, and it is very likely that the liberal bias would affect how students are taught.

Liberal professors also tend to be anti-religion and many even anti-American, which is a worry to most conservatives. Christian and conservative student organizations are often denied campus privileges, and discriminated against in many ways, being told that their opinions might “offend” others. If I had more space I could document many instances of this happening.

Our worry about today’s colleges is that they are no longer a place of free exchange of ideas, but of liberal…

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