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LIFE AT BOOMER LAKE: Southbound birds should be on their way | Lifestyles

We should be coming across a few migratory birds possibly as early as this weekend. Our first southbound travelers should be shorebirds, as well as the early moving Chipping Sparrow, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Chimney Swift, and a few other early birds

I thought that I saw some earlier moving swifts, especially when I was getting some larger numbers. There are plenty of highflying insects to entice them, so it really was no great surprise. This cooler weather should bring some necessary rains and if the wind conditions hold steadily for the south, we’ll be in for some nice birds. However, the migratory route could be just a hair west of us, so hopefully, we’ll still manage to get some interesting sightings of both old and new friends. This time, we’ll have juvenile birds in the mix, and this group is going to be our first spring breeders.

For those of you that like to see large amounts of data together, I tend to go the paper route for overall observations and comparisons over previous years. If you’d like to begin your own personal study, mark the fall migratory birds on a calendar so you can see what to expect. By the time you get a few years of data, you’ll see changes in trends, birds that might come through earlier, others that could be later, as well as weather conditions. You can do the same for spring migration each year, too. The sky is the limit on what you can have for daily data, as it will be your personal data.

This means to fill those hummingbird feeders, as those ruby-throats are going to be very hungry and in need of a lot of quick energy. Keep them happy, and they will reward you with their presence. Make that yard inviting!

Since we’re experiencing this wonderful cool-down period, now is the time to get out there to enjoy area birds like the Mississippi Kite hawking dragonflies, the Great Crested…

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