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Mum convinces her daughter her nipple’s fallen off in hilarious text exchange

(Picture: Lauren Farquharson/Getty)

Okay, everyone loves a good prank – but sometimes people can go just a step too far.

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Like this mother, who somehow managed to convince her daughter that her nipple had fallen off after tripping over her cat.

Unbelievable, we know – but apparently not to Lauren Farquharson, who fell so hard for her mother’s brilliant prank that she attempted to persuade her to put the nipple in ice and head over to A&E to have it reattached. Well, it is practical.

Of course, with a prank like that, you can’t hold a straight face for too long – but that didn’t stop Lauren from uploading the entire exchange to her Facebook page after her mother came clean.

And yes, the exchange is as hilarious as you can imagine.

It all started when Lauren’s mum sent her a picture of a grazed body part, telling her that she’d fallen down the stairs

(Picture: Lauren Farquharson)


Her mum then went on to tell her her nipple had fallen off – which left Lauren extremely worried

(Picture: Lauren Farquharson)


Of course, Lauren questioned it at first, saying that it wasn’t ‘normal’ for a nipple to come off

(Picture: Lauren Farquharson)


But Lauren’s mum managed to convince her otherwise – which led her daughter coming up with some *helpful* solutions

(Picture: Lauren Farquharson)


Lauren attempted to question the photo again – but Lauren’s mum managed to make her feel bad about asking questions

(Picture: Lauren Farquharson)


Lauren went on to advise her mother to take the nipple out of the bin and ice it

(Picture: Lauren Farquharson)


After her mother turned down the plan, Lauren became even more worried – fretting that her mother couldn’t go to bed with no nipple

(Picture: Lauren Farquharson)


And it seems that was enough for Lauren’s mum to come clean and reveal to Lauren that the graze had actually been on her elbow all along

(Picture: Lauren Farquharson)


Even after…

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