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NASCAR Betting: Handicapping the Stock Car Circuit

When it comes to handicapping the three major series in the top stock-car in the world, a lot of NASCAR betting enthusiasts start to do their own thing and others start to worry. In order to get an edge with the Stock-Car circuit races then read on and don’t let the others leave you behind in the dust.

Handicapping with NASCAR betting is a skill that you should acquire. Here we have several items with which you should analyze in order to know which one will be the better bet among the rest.

Track Type

When betting on NASCAR, you run into road courses (left and right turns), short tracks (anything shorter than a mile), intermediate tracks (1-2 miles) and superspeedways (anything above two miles). Some drivers are just good on certain types of tracks. For example, you’ll see Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s odds improve dramatically at superspeedways, where he has been historically good.

Past History

Going back to look out a driver’s statistics and ability in a certain track is important since this will help you to handpick races you want to bet on and also have a hunch if the driver will do well in a particular race. Go for drivers who have won a lot of races at a specific circuit, that would mean they are a safe bet there just like Kyle Busch who has taken home trophies from races at Bristol.

You can see if a driver if doing well in a circuit if he has lead most laps in the race.


Veteran drivers are always a safe bet here. Stay away from rookie drivers since you can’t really get so much information about them and their statistics in particular races will often be lacking which means there isn’t much to look at.

NASCAR betting can be quite risky if you are always rooting for the newbies. It’s always safe to go for the tried and tested most of the time if you really want to earn some cash from NASCAR betting.

Drivers in Sprint Cup, especially the older ones won’t hesitate to teach the young ones a lesson if they’re not doing well with the…

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