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Neighbors Saw Darren Osborne, Held in London Mosque Attack, as Aggressive

The police raided Mr. Osborne’s house on Monday, and officers have been posted outside.

The assault wounded several people; seven remain hospitalized with a range of injuries. A man who had been receiving first aid at the scene died hours later, but it was not clear whether the attack had directly caused his death. Mr. Osborne was pinned down by bystanders after the attack and was shielded by an imam and other men before being hauled away by the police.

Recent Attacks in Britain

An attack at a London mosque is being investigated as terrorism. Britain has seen several such assaults recently.

Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain called the act a terrorist attack targeting Muslims, and it was widely seen as yet another assault on the cosmopolitan, multicultural British capital, which had already experienced two terrorist attacks since March. It also raised questions about where the line between terrorism and hate crimes can be drawn, and whether the distinction is even meaningful, particularly in cases of severely disturbed individuals.

Several residents in and around Glyn Rhosyn, the street where Mr. Osborne lived in a semidetached two-story house, said he at times seemed disturbed and volatile.

Chris Peter, a car mechanic, said that he used to work with Mr. Osborne but that he had found Mr. Osborne to be “unreliable” and “erratic.”

“You just didn’t know what you’re going to get with Darren,” Mr. Peter said. “One minute he’s fine, the next he’s drunk, cursing and vile. He was a nut job.”

Mr. Peter added: “I stopped working with him because he had anger problems. One day, he came in stinking of booze and sweat and started shouting his mouth off throwing tools. I haven’t seen him in a while, but my mate said he’s been sleeping out in the woods in a tent because his lady kicked him out the house.”

Jennifer Mears, who lived a few houses away from Mr….

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