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Neuro-ID™ Introduces Prescriptive Analytics Tool for Risk

Neuro-ID’s ability to assess, verify and segment applicants during the first part of the origination process allows organizations to streamline their operations and identify applicants that align to the organization’s risk tolerance.

Neuro-ID™, a leading provider of prescriptive analytics for the risk industry, today announced the Neuro Confidence Score™ (Neuro-CS). While the Neuro-CS has been at the core of the company’s prescriptive analytic solution for years, it is now commercially available. The technology analyzes cognitive changes demonstrated by the applicant during the onboarding process that are indicative of future and ‘risk-relevant’ actions. Neuro-CS provides organizations an out of the box, easy to implement technology toolset and score to access breakthrough insight about online applicant risk. Bringing together a unique combination of behavioral biometrics, advanced analytics and neuro-cognitive research, Neuro-CS provides organizations more assurance in applicant segmentation; ultimately, mitigating overall risk and improving the bottom line.    

Neuro Confidence Score (Neuro-CS)

Neuro-ID’s technology monitors “how” a person answers questions using a computer mouse, touch screen, or other input device to detect high- and low-confidence responses in online forms, questionnaires and applications. For instance, Neuro-ID customers can ask future peering questions, such as “Do you anticipate any changes that will affect your ability to pay back this loan?” When prescriptive analytics are applied to these types of questions, applicants’ behavioral changes are captured in real-time and analyzed for indecision, cognitive conflict, and other indicators of confidence. This process results in a…

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