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New Marketing Campaign Launched for Relevant Fiction Book

As a Vietnam War veteran Marine from 1966 to 1968, author Westley Thomas experienced the effects of war, the change one goes through and the transformation when a war hero returns home- he becomes a totally different individual. In his published novel “A Hard Decision” (published by AuthorHouse), Thomas gives insight to the lives of those who go off to war to fight and defend the country’s freedom and the lives they leave behind, up rooted and changed forever.

Published in 2013, the author further promotes the fiction book through a new marketing campaign after four years of having the book formally published. Thomas believes that “A Hard Decision” continues to be relevant today, being the reason to motivate him in promoting the book. “The book is relevant in today’s society because it relates to war and those who have served in previous theaters of engagements. We still have military personnel serving in harm’s way in the Middle East, and the affects war has on love, life and relationships are still the same,” the author explains the book’s significance.

Officially published in 2013, “A Hard Decision” is a love triangle a story filled with episodes in reference to the Vietnam War. It carries a powerful message to the reader and should affect them in some way or another with emotional feelings of love and compassion.

An excerpt from the book:

Life is like to ships on the ocean passing in opposite directions never to pass again. It is the same with people. This is why it is important to open up lines of communication, because you will never know how many lives you can touch for the betterment “of mankind.” It is the humanitarian thing to do.

A Hard Decision

By Westley Thomas

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 136 pages | ISBN…

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