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New Overwatch Video Explains ‘Goth Reaper’, Why All Ships are “Canon”

In the year since Overwatch first came out, Blizzard Vice President and Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has become a public face for the game. As an ambassador to the brand, Kaplan is often tasked with engaging directly with fans, showcased in this new video from Wired where Kaplan fields the most pertinent questions from the Overwatch community.

Jeff Kaplan, as Overwatch’s director, often has answers to questions that might not be known to many except for the most senior members of the Overwatch team. So it’s refreshing to see him lay some of those answers out in the open in a new, 20-minute long Q&A video.

Some of the questions are a bit technical, asking about what to do in case of server maintenance, graphical malfunctions, or when your roommate hogs the PS4. Other questions tend to deal with more narrative-specific instances. Questions like, “Which Overwatch characters like pineapple on their pizza?” (All of them, which is a huge disappointment), or why Reaper is seen in a comic as acting like a “fifteen year old goth” (“It’s a secret”).

There are even some questions that combine the two, like why certain items in the game aren’t explored in the game’s lore. To which, Kaplan responds by saying that some mechanics were designed for a better gameplay experience, and doesn’t need to be explained in detail by lore or story. In fact, it’s this logic that also explains why in-universe nemeses like Tracer and Widowmaker can be picked for the same team.

Other highlights include Kaplan addressing Mercy’s age, who looks youtful because Mercy is essentially a mad scientist. One question about the nature of fan culture that’s risen out of the game is interesting because Kaplan reveals that the company essentially handed fan theory ownership of the characters to the players which is why, technically speaking, all romantic ships are canon if fans want them to be.

The rest of Kaplan’s answers are pretty cool too. I’m personally still kind of mad that…

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