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New York Knicks 2016-17 season review: The oral history of yet another disaster

The 2016-17
New York Knicks
brought their fans nothing but misery. They finished 31-51, one game worse than the year before. On their way to their fourth straight season out of the playoffs, the Knicks provided seemingly endless drama and dysfunction and a lot of really bad basketball. We’ve already taken a look at
how to fix the Knicks
, but let’s have one last look back at everything that went wrong, through the words of the characters involved. 

Part 1: The summer of hope

June 3: “There must be something about the word triangle. Maybe we’ll call it the circle offense. To me, it’s just a way to space the floor. When I was talking with Coach in L.A. and started looking at things that I would like to do out of the triangle offense, he goes, ‘Yeah, you can run whatever play you want out of the triangle offense.”” — Coach Jeff Hornacek,
meeting the New York media for the first time

June 24: “I don’t know why I was traded, but I would like to tell them thank you [for] giving me another start. I’m grateful to be where I’m at. I could have been anywhere. Not saying all the other teams are bad places, but to be in this market, the legacy and history of basketball, coming from the rivalry with Chicago and New York, I’m grateful to be here. I feel like they’re gonna appreciate me a little bit more.” — 
Derrick Rose
meeting the New York media for the first time

June 27: “I feel a bit more confident now that we actually made that move, made that decision. It shows me they’re looking at now, and not the future just yet. The time is now. We have to capitalize on what we have right now. Of course the front office also has to look at the big picture, but the time is now.” —
Carmelo Anthony
, praising the Rose trade

July 7: “We’re contenders, man. They didn’t make the playoffs last year, but we’re looking to change that and win big. The ring is the ultimate goal for everybody on the team; I know it is for me. When they talked to me and told me about the pieces they were adding alongside the players who were already there, I didn’t think anything less than a championship [was the goal]. We’re trying to get the Knicks back into the playoffs and win big. … Everybody is hungry and everybody has their own motivation or chip on their shoulder. We just need to come together, get that chemistry and see it click. Once everybody is together and everybody is hungry, I think we can be very scary.” —
Courtney Lee
, less than a week after signing with the Knicks

July 8: “I took a plane, went to Montana and I knocked on [Phil Jackson’s] door. We started talking. ‘Why are you here?’ [he asked]. I said, ‘I don’t know.’ It was a great couple of days — an opportunity to…

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