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New York Today: A Busy Time to Move


The apartment search is on.

Sam Hodgson for The New York Times

Good morning on this sunny Tuesday.

This is the Year of the Renter.

And the July-to-August stretch is high season for apartment hunting in our city.

(Cue combination of excitement and headache.)

To help current residents and newcomers navigate the search, we asked licensed real estate agents about housing trends in the city.

Over the past few years, residents have been leaving Manhattan for more attractive rent and space options in Brooklyn and Queens, according to Stan Broekhoven of Keller Williams.

But that is changing. “People are looking to move back to the city because prices have gone down a little and people are tired of the commute,” he said, referring to the transit shutdown of the L train, the problems at Pennsylvania Station and the delays on the subway. “When transportation becomes unreliable, people look again at moving closer to work.”

So, is July a good time to look for an apartment in the city?

Not really, according to Kobi Lahav, a managing director with Mdrn. Residential.

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“July and August is a terrible time to move because everybody wants to be in before Sept. 1,” he said. “So the prices are higher, the broker fees are higher — even the movers are charging more money.”

Still, one upside to moving in July is that there’s more to choose from, Mr. Lahav added, “but if you want to get a deal, move after the crazy rush.”

Yet we’ve heard July and August are still the most popular months to move?

It’s a chicken-egg situation, Mr. Lahav said.

“Although it’s the worst time to move, it’s also ironically the busiest time of the year,” he said. “A lot of people…

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