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No ‘moral victory’ available in Georgia showdown

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On the roster: No ‘moral victory’ available in Georgia showdown – Montani semper liberi – House conservatives send Senate list of ‘must haves’ –  Mueller to brief senators on Russia probe – Yinz had to use the good batteries, didn’t ya?

Today’s special election in the northern suburbs of Atlanta looks to be very close. And that’s pretty much the way it should be. 

Democrats have made much of the fact that the seat previously held by Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price has been in Republican hands since 1979 and that Price won reelection in 2016 by more than 23 points. 

The Blue Team claims that their nominee Jon Ossoff even being competitive in such a bastion of Republicanism is an accomplishment itself. That’s mostly bologna. 

Like many affluent, well-educated suburban districts, Georgia’s 6th Congressional District has been trending Democratic of late. In 2012, the district was 27 points more Republican than the nation, but only 2 points more Republican than America on the whole in 2016. And the presence of a powerful incumbent representative often masks underlying shifts.

As Nate Silver points out, based on 2016 results and how voters feel about…

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