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Oklahoma State University Athletics – Australia, As Told By … Jentry Holt (Vol. 2)

How do I even put into words the last three days?! Melbourne was nothing short of spectacular!

On our first day we visited the Healesville Sanctuary which houses hundreds of Australia’s native wildlife. I would not consider it a successful trip to Australia unless you get to see a kangaroo. Well, we made this a reality at the Sanctuary! Not only did we see kangaroos but we were even able to pet them! We also got to hang out with Koala bears, Tasmanian Devils and dingos along with many others.

The second day we started a walking tour of the city bright and early! This is where we really got a taste for Melbourne. We saw the Australian Open venue, National Gallery of Victoria, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Botanic Gardens just to name a few. There are several things that I thought were distinct about Melbourne.

1. The city is very efficient. Every inch of space is used, nothing seems to be wasted. Even the dark alleys are put to use.

2. The dark alleys have the absolute best cafés! (Don’t be afraid to enter or you’ll miss out on the best eggs Benedict of your life)

3. There is spray paint art everywhere. A lot of people would probably call this graffiti. However, I think the negative connotation of that word is very unfair when trying to describe the spray paint in Melbourne. It’s extremely unique and colorful which makes the city seem like a large coloring book!

We finished up the second day by spending some time with the kids at Helping Hoops Youth Clinic. Helping Hoops is a charity that runs free basketball programs for underprivileged children. They welcomed us with open arms and to say we had a blast would be an understatement! These kids had little to nothing and were the most kind-hearted and cheerful people I’ve ever met. During our time we participated in games and helped run a few drills. We went there to help them, but in turn they helped us right back.

The morning of day three was completely up to us! Mine consisted of a waffle covered in peanut…

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