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O’Neal Insurance Group Inaugurates Nashville Area Charity Event to Promote Adoption and Find Homes for Regional Orphans

At O’Neal Insurance Group, we want to reduce adoption barriers and help every child find a family

The O’Neal Insurance Group, a privately managed agency with offices that provide insurance assistance and financial planning services to communities in and around Nashville, Tennessee, is announcing a local charity event to help find new homes for children without families.

Each year, over 80 million families across the country consider adoption, but only one in 500 families actually makes the commitment to provide a home for an orphaned child. The Show Hope organization is dedicated to helping break down the barriers between considering and committing to adoption, and the O’Neal Insurance Group is gathering support from the local community to help fund these efforts.

“At O’Neal Insurance Group, we want to reduce adoption barriers and help every child find a family,” states Amanda O’Neal, executive director and agency principal for the O’Neal Insurance Group.

O’Neal and her team are utilizing social media and email platforms to help raise community awareness and gather support for ongoing efforts by the Show Hope organization in finding new homes for orphans in and around Nashville. Future efforts to improve public awareness will include a cover article scheduled for publication in the O’Neal Insurance Group online local interest magazine “Our Hometown”:

This charity event is only the second of many planned by the O’Neal Insurance Group in the near term. As proud new affiliates of an interstate charity support network called “Agents of Change,” the firm plans to continue selecting and assisting new local charities in and around Nashville on a regular basis.


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