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ORA Sound Launches Campaign For First High-Fidelity Headphones Made With Graphene

ORA GrapheneQ Headphones are the first commercial audio product to leverage the “wonder material” that was discovered in 2004

Today, ORA Sound, launched a Kickstarter campaign for ORA GrapheneQ Headphones, featuring proprietary graphene membranes that enable new levels of fidelity. They are the first commercial audio product to leverage the “wonder material” that was discovered in 2004. The headphones are now available for the early bird price of $199 (retail price $499).

ORA GrapheneQ Headphones have been designed with comfort and sound isolation in mind. Thanks to its graphene membranes, listeners will enjoy one of the smoothest frequency responses recorded, zero distortion, and crystal clear resolution at low, mid and high frequencies.

“As a trained audio engineer I have dedicated my life to the study and practice of accuracy in sound reproduction,” said Co-Founder Robert-Eric Gaskell. “After my brother and I completed our PhDs, we worked together designing and building audio equipment for professional recording studios. It became clear to us that graphene had the ideal mechanical characteristics for loudspeakers and microphones. We patented the idea and wrote a paper for the Audio Engineering Society on the use of graphene in ribbon microphones. Shortly thereafter we were approached by a technology incubator and assembled a team to explore its potential.”

The result was the development of GrapheneQ, a proprietary nanocomposite formulation consisting of 95%+ graphene. Speaker membranes made with this material display a rare combination of high stiffness and low density which translates to acoustic qualities on par with the highest performing materials on the market at a significantly reduced cost.

“Digital processes (DSP)…

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