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Organize Your Office And Improve Your Productivity

How does your office look from a distance? Does it look neat and orderly or is it filled with clutter? If it is orderly, you deserve a pat on the back. If there is more than a bit of clutter on your desk, bookshelves or floor you may need to take steps to correct the problem. Make no mistake; a cluttered office will keep you from being your most productive. Without properly organized files and supplies, your office cannot function properly. For those of you who are curious as to how to improve the appearance and efficiency of your office, here are some helpful tips:

Keep the top of your desk clear
The top of your desk should be as clear as possible except for those items you consistently use throughout the day. Depending on what type of work you do this list will vary; however, items such as your computer, phone, calculator and calendars are items most people will want on the top of their desk. To keep your desk free of clutter avoid storing anything that takes up a lot of space or is not used on a consistent basis off the top of your desk. A good example of this would be your printer. Although a printer is used constantly, a separate printer stand will allow you to keep this piece of equipment within easy reach and not clutter up your desk. Keeping the top of your desk un-cluttered will help keep you focused and productive.

Desk size
Is your desk the proper size for your needs? Some may scoff at such a notion; but, if you want to organize office supplies or files, you will need a desk with adequate space in order to accomplish such a task. In addition to a large desktop your desk should have enough drawers and file space to meet your needs. Having drawers that can hold both legal and regular size file is necessary for organizing office supplies.

Label your files
Not only should your files be labeled as to what each contains; your files should be labeled with expiration dates and due dates on them. Many items are time sensitive and once they have exceeded the date in which they are needed, the files should either be shredded and discarded or locked away in a separate storage file so they do not clutter up your office or take up storage space in your desk. Having unneeded files stored in your desk or in an office leads to clutter.

Organize your drawers
When looking to organize office supplies, do not just throw them into a drawer. Although your pens, pencils, staples, etc, may be out of sight when tossed into a drawer, they may be hard to find if your drawers are cluttered with odds and ends. You can purchase organizers that will allow you to keep your drawers neat and clean so you do not have to fish around to find what you are looking for. Keeping your supplies neatly organized within a drawer keep clutter off the top of your desk.

Organize your supply room
If you have a supply room, it is also important to keep that room well organized. Make sure your files, folders, drawers, binders are all labeled and have a specified space in which to be stored….

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