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Outside Lands 2017: Saturday’s Music Highlights and Photo Gallery

The second day of Outside Lands was even more eclectic — and hectic — than the first, as the musical lineup brought out interesting cross-sections of Bay Area subcultures. Metalheads partied with ravers in unicorn onesies; college students and first-time festival-goers could both be spotted having sensory overload.

Although the tragic news from the Charlottesville protests was fresh in revelers’ minds, Saturday’s performers were much less bold with their commentary than artists like Noname and Henry Rollins had been on Friday. Instead of specifically calling out white supremacists, or mentioning Donald Trump by name, some bands called for unity through music while many said nothing at all. The lack of overt acknowledgement might have felt disappointing for those checking the news throughout the day, but if anything, the festival offered a momentary escape from turmoil.

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Check out our highlights from Saturday at Outside Lands below, and see coverage from Friday here.

Survive performs at the Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco, Aug. 12, 2017. (Estefany Gonzalez)


S U R V I V E’s Saturday afternoon set was gear-nerd heaven. The four members of the Austin synthwave quartet stood side-by-side behind forward-facing desks as each musician plugged away at his respective vintage synthesizer. Each looked so lost in what they were doing that they didn’t pay each other — or the audience — much notice. But while they barely communicated, their timing and coordination were impeccable, with pounding electronic instrumentals sounding straight out of an ’80s sci-fi film — calling to mind Blade Runner and Tron. (It’s no wonder that S U R V I V E’s Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon composed and performed the soundtrack for Stranger Things.) As the band’s set progressed, the bass became physically palpable as their synths swelled to epic crescendos. Instead of dancing, the audience stood transfixed,…

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