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Part 3 of DC New Years Eve Double Date Story

“Mike” worked at one of those DC New Years Eve steakhouses. He had chosen this restaurant as the location for our first date. I found out why as soon as we entered the doors… all of his co-workers were expecting us. The welcomed us with looks as if to be thinking “What the hell are these girls doing with THEM?!” (Maybe that was my teenage narcissism getting the best of me).  We were suddenly bombarded with people asking about Julie and me. The guys were loving it. Julie and I were mortified behind our smiles.

Finally, we got a table. Julie and I were always good at reading each other’s eyes. We were shooting each other “what the hell did we get ourselves into” looks. We were not totally shallow snobs, but these guys were seriously straight up losers. We tried to hold conversation and not seem completely miserable. Suddenly, not 5 minutes after we had been seated, we saw our friend David. David was part of our “clique”, I guess you could say. He was damn good looking, sweet as hell, and had a mouth as big as the Grand Canyon. He was having dinner with his parents for his New Year Eve in Washington DC birthday. Julie and I were hiding our faces in our menus, trying to muffle our giggles. We knew if he were to see us, there was no way we would ever hear the end of it. We told our dates we HAD to leave. I did not think about it until later, but “Mike” was probably looking forward to his employee discount. Oops. We all agreed that we would go across the street to Applebees.

Before we got in our cars, the guys made us promise that we were not just going to ditch them. We assured them that we would be right over then Julie and I got into her car. The second our doors shut, we immediately busted out into tears and laughter. We still smelled like smoke from the cigarettes, and were just incredibly humored by the entire DC New Years Eve situation. We discussed the option of bailing but decided that it was below us.  (To be continued…)

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