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Passion for gymnastics yields powerhouse opportunity | News

VINTON – Kayla Conner’s passion for gymnastics started at a young age in her native Wisconsin.

Now, she pursues her lifetime’s advocation with a partnership that brought Davis-Conner Powerhouse Gymnastics to people of all ages about a year and a half ago. Two weeks ago she and Becki Davis moved the operation into the former location for Total Balance on West Fourth Street.

Two years ago, Conner moved to Vinton from her Wisconsin home. There she had about 400 students and now she was “in the middle of nowhere” where people drove either to Waterloo or Cedar Rapids for lessons in gymnastics.

The move into the new location allows Davis-Conner Powerhouse Gymnastics to also offer tumbling and trampoline as well as gymnastics. Girls will compete in various events. Students will compete in tumbling and gymnastics – Amateur Athletic union (AAU) and United States Tumbling and Trampoline Association (USTA). The AAU Nationals for tumbling and trampoline will be in Des Moines this year.

“We are excited,” said Conner. “We are going to be competing this year for the first time in tumble and trampoline as well as gymnastics.”

The Competitive Xcel Gymnastics that includes bars, beams, floor exercise and the vault are comparable to what is seen in Olympic competition. Routines are performed with music. Conner said 15 girls have already registered for that competition. Four teams have already been organized. The state meet for Xcel Gymnastics will be in Cedar Rapids.

There are many competitions in the eastern Iowa area with most of them within an hour or so of Vinton, said Conner.

“It has always been a passion of mine,” Conner said of gymnastics. “I just love working with kids and getting them experience and the opportunity to do this.”

Conner can teach students as young as two years old up to a high level of expertise….

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