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Pierce County Fair’s chicken drag races are for the birds

Trying to get chickens to do anything is … well, it’s for the birds.

Unless you’re 9-year-old Rebekah Albright. Then you and your hen Bella have it all figured out.

The duo, with help from mom Tiffany, dominated the 18th annual Poultry Drag Races on Sunday afternoon at the Pierce County Fair in Graham.

And to think, Rebekah wasn’t even going to enter the comical competition.

“I didn’t expect it at all,” she said. “I’m really impressed.”

The NCRA-sanctioned Poultry Drag Races started in 2000 as a way to get kids to stop asking when they could break down the poultry barn on the county fair’s final day, race founder Mike Craig said.

“It’s all tongue-in-cheek,” Craig said.

Craig refers to the poultry poop that pops up on the…

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