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Pixel Film Studios Releases ProList Wedding for FCPX

ProList Wedding – Pixel Film Studios Plugins – Final Cut Pro X Effects

This new ProList was designed with a wedding theme to create lists with an elegant style.

ProList Wedding is a set of 30 elegantly styled, self-animating bullet points created for use exclusively within Final Cut Pro X. With ProList Wedding, editors can easily create lists for memories, invitations, youtube productions, and much more. Simply choose from ProList Wedding’s unique designs and stack presets on the Final Cut Pro X timeline to create multiple bullet points. ProList Wedding is the perfect complement for any and all presentation media.

ProList Wedding is a package with as much as 30 self-animating bullet point designs, that contains simple to use backgrounds, and a grid tool that will assist with precise alignment. ProList is created for Final Cut Pro X users and designed for efficiency. Choose from a variety of presets with different elegant styles and dynamic animations. ProList Wedding’s gracious style makes the perfect complement to almost any video production.

Each preset features elegant intro and outro animations, use each preset by simply dragging and dropping it above any media or a background in the Final Cut Pro X timeline. Alter the preset’s customizable options while slider controls and insert text to create a personalized look. Expand the length of the preset to extend the amount of time the bullet point stays on screen.

Control design element colors, length, width, opacity, and finally, scale of ProList Wedding’s presets with inventive slider control options. Utilize on-screen controls to manipulate the overall positioning, rotation, and scale of presets with drag and drop ease. ProList Wedding is built…

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