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Police, principals offer advice for new school year – News – Stephenville Empire-Tribune

School begins soon and with that comes a potentially chaotic fist week of finding a routine.

The E-T sat down with the Stephenville Police Department and reached out to Stephenville ISD principals for advice to help parents and students have a smooth first week of school.

“First, we’re excited that it’s the start of school, of course, it seems like it was just yesterday when school let out. It sometimes takes people a few days to get their routines figured out especially if they’re going from one campus to another, so we ask people to be patient — both in the morning and afternoon,” said Police Chief Jason King. “We always have extra officers on the first few days of school that we put at some of the locations where we historically have had congestion problems”

King said there shouldn’t be any construction around campuses to affect traffic.

“We do have some temporary one-ways around Central and Chamberlin and there’s a letter that goes out to parents on meet the teacher night and it should have all the required information in there to help navigate,” King said. “Remember, when you’re in a school zone there’s absolutely no cell phone usage there; hands free only. Our officers always look out for that as well.”

Frey Street in particular can get congested with SISD and Tarleton State University traffic, King said.

There are crosswalks that drivers also need to be aware of.

“State law on marked crosswalks is that pedestrians that are in the crosswalks have the right of way, but you don’t want to just jump out in front of vehicles either,” King said. “You want to make sure before you go into a crosswalk that you have visually looked and everyone is acknowledging each other before you step out. When you’re stopping at intersections that have crosswalks, you need to stop before the crosswalk and not in it.”

King also brought up the laws surrounding school…

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