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Police Release Dashcam Audio In Fatal Shooting Of Pregnant Mother

Police released audio Monday from the fatal shooting of a mother of three in Seattle that took place the day before. Two police officers shot and killed 30-year-old Charleena Lyles after responding to a call at her home Sunday.

Lyles’ three children were inside the home at the time of the shooting and according to her family, she was pregnant with a fourth child.

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In the four-minute long audio clip released Monday, officers could initially be heard speaking calmly with Lyles about a stolen Xbox.

“Hello, good morning,” one of the officers said. “You call the police?”

The officers continued to talk to Lyles for a bit before the situation changes and an officer can be heard saying, “We need help.”

“Hey! Get back! Get back!” an officer said in the audio before shots were fired. A child could also be heard crying in the background.

The audio, which was redacted in some places, also included officers discussing a previous visit to Lyles’ apartment June 5, when police responded to a domestic disturbance call. During that visit, police said Lyles’ armed herself with a pair of scissors and threatened the officers before being convinced to drop them.

“She let them in, then she started talking all crazy about how the officers weren’t gonna leave,” an officer said in the audio, discussing the previous visit.

“Wait, is this the one with like the three kids?” said another.

“Yeah,” another responded. “So this gal, she was the one making all these weird statements about her and her daughter are going to turn into wolves.”

Police said while they would typically dispatch one officer, two officers responded to Lyles’ home Sunday as a result of the previous incident.

“Officers had dealt with this particular unit, this particular caller, just recently,” said detective Mark Jamieson, according to KCPQ. “There was some hazard information in there. So that prompted a…

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