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Predicting If Ronda Rousey Will Be a Full-Time WWE Star or the Next Brock Lesnar

Ronda Rousey and Triple Hcredit:

The Women’s Division in WWE is about to get a lot more interesting.

If recent online rumors true, Ronda Rousey is on her way to Vince McMahon’s very ring. According to Fightful (h/t MMA Mania), the former UFC fighter may begin training very soon with 205 Live’s Brian Kendrick. Evidently Rousey is on the road to WWE, though it’s not yet been officially announced by the company.

So if she does come in, what will WWE do with her? Are wrestling fans looking at the next Brock Lesnar?

The knee-jerk reaction over this story by many is sure to be negative. Following two shocking losses in the Octagon, Rousey appears to be finished with MMA. But is that enough reason to jump ship from her world, to the world of WWE? It could be that maybe the wrestling business was her fallback plan, and now she’s deciding to finally live her dream of competing on the WWE stage.

Will she be welcomed with open arms, or booed out of the building? Therein lays the issue with this signing. 

Fans know she’s a star. There’s no question about that. To suggest that WWE would actually pass on her instead of doing business and grabbing headlines all over the world in the process, is a ridiculous notion to say the least. 

Rousey brings fans, she brings exposure, and more importantly, she brings publicity. Vince McMahon would be horribly remiss if he chose to say no, which is surely not what’s happened. She’s a phenom, and of all the top names from outside the business, she is the one that could easily have the most successful transition.

Rousey could very well be a natural between the ropes.

Then there’s the fact that women’s wrestling in WWE has had incredible growth over the past two years thanks in part to Rousey, and she was never even on the roster.

She was the one that popularized the whole idea of the strong and capable female fighter, a woman that was tough-as-nails and could dominate her opponents. Rousey’s gimmick was not centered on her physical beauty,…

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