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Prime Minister Theresa May told to read the riot act to warring ministers harming Brexit | Politics | News

A furious Prime Minister will lecture senior ministers at the weekly cabinet meeting today after a series of damaging briefings by rivals appeared in the press.

Chancellor Philip Hammond – who has been accused of trying to “f*** up” Brexit – was the main target over the weekend but senior Brexiteer David Davis, who is leading the negotiations, and Boris Johnson have also been the victims of “poisonous” briefings.

In a cry for help David Cameron was seen walking into Downing Street last night for a private meeting with his successor as Mrs May sought advice on how to halt the rifts between senior Conservatives over the delivery of Brexit.

The former prime minister suggested disloyal ministers should be strapped to a raft crossing a “very, very dangerous river”.

He also warned the party could “slip backwards”, in his first intervention since Mrs May threw away his majority during the disastrous snap general election last month.

The antics by senior MPs have angered Mrs May and most of the Tory backbenchers, with the 1922 committee, which represents them, saying the Prime Minister should sack ministers to enforce party discipline.

International trade secretary Liam Fox described the briefings as “self indulgent” and a former Tory leader told ministers to “just stop” the infighting.

During a drinks party with the powerful 1922 Committee on the terraces of parliament last night, Mrs May attempted to stop the infighting.

She reportedly said: “No backbiting, no carping.

“The choice is me or Jeremy Corbyn and no one wants him.

“Go away and have a proper break and come back ready for serious business.”

Fears have been raised that the chaos created will only help the European Commission and its Remainer allies in Britain to destroy Brexit or leave the UK with a bad deal.

The round of briefings has come after the Tories failed to win a majority in a shock election result despite getting 44 per cent of the vote.

And with Mr Corbyn claiming he is ready to take power, Mrs May…

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