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Q&A with Grant Hochstein at the beginning of his final season

By Gina Capellazzi and FSO Staff
Photos by Leah Adams and Grant Hochstein

In February 2017, Grant Hochstein concluded his latest journal post on his official website with these words: “I’m going to approach this year by skating from the heart and skating because it is what I love to do. This sport takes you on such a beautiful and incredible journey, no matter what your level of skating. It teaches you how to get up when you fall, to be humble, to be brave and most importantly, it teaches you to believe in yourself. It takes you to places you previously thought were impossible and unattainable, but gives you the opportunity if you dare to try. I can’t imagine my life without competing, which is why I’m heading into this final season full of hope and appreciation for the sport that has given me so much.” 

Now, five months later, Grant Hochstein just celebrated his 27th birthday and took some time to answer questions before the start of his final season as a competitor, which will be his ninth at the senior level.

Figure Skaters Online (FSO): Can you reveal the thinking behind your 2017-18 season program music selections? How and why are they personal to you?

Grant Hochstein (GH): Because this is my last season, I wanted my programs to be personal to me. I think one of the reasons I had difficulties last year was that I never connected to the programs on that personal level. For my short program, I’m skating to “Your Song” performed by Ewan McGregor from the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack. I wanted a piece of music that I could skate to and dedicate to Caroline [Zhang, his fiancee] as we close one chapter of our lives and begin another. I went back and forth on a few different pieces, one being my “Perfect” exhibition, but I always kept coming back to this music. It starts with “My gift is my song/And this one’s for you” and I think that is really fitting for what I’m trying to portray for her. My talent is skating and I’m…

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