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Rangers choose aggressiveness despite an ‘ugly’ out at home

There was no miscommunication or missed signs Saturday night at third base. Brett Nicholas was sent home by Rangers third base coach Tony Beasley on a single to left, only to be thrown out easily by Astros left-fielder Derek Fisher for the second out in the inning.

Adrian Beltre was thrown out at home trying to tag up on a fly out in shallow right-center field in the fifth.

Manager Jeff Banister said Nicholas trying to score from second base on Elvis Andrus’ single was a perfect storm for getting thrown out. For starters, the backup catcher isn’t exactly the fastest runner on the team.

“You had Brett Nicholas running. You have a left-fielder who doesn’t have a terrifically good arm and you had a ball that was hit at moderate speed,” Banister said. “There was an intersection that was getting ready to occur and it just didn’t go our way. He got to the ball quick enough, we didn’t’ run quick enough and [the throw] was a strike and it looked ugly.”

But Banister doesn’t take issue with Beasley staying aggressive with runners. The Rangers would rather force the other team to make a play then wonder whether a runner could have safely scored. Also, Fisher showed he had a better arm than the Rangers realized.

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