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Redstone 3 | Features are always at risk of being removed while some will be added

Last week at Build 2017, Microsoft told us that this fourth major update to Windows 10 would be called the Fall Creators Update and they’d continue to bring more features and enhancements to the operating system. We are now almost six weeks into the development cycle of the next major Windows 10 update. We’ve got another 14 weeks or so before the Fall Creators Update drops in September.

Since April 7th, there have been a total of seven builds released to the Fall Creators Update fast track for Windows Insides. Here are the new features that have been added:

— The ability to revert Virtual Machines
— Power Throttling (after being tested in Redstone 2/Creators Update)
— My People (after being removed in Redstone 2/Creators Update)
— New Microsoft Edge PDF Reader features
— Cortana Settings category in Windows Settings app
— Windows Defender Application Guard added for Enterprise users
— Story Remix
— Volume Control per UWP app
— Incoming phone call notifications from Android devices
— New Context Menu icons on Start Menu items

So far in this current development cycle only one feature has been removed and that was the Note Quick Action button for the Windows 10 Action Center. According to Microsoft, that decision was made due to low usage of the feature. The removal of features always creates quite a stir.

Even if telemetry data shows the feature has low usage there are always going to be end users who were using it and they will be upset about its removal. That is when users come out and get on social media and feedback channels to ramp up the volume when it happens. However, unlike the letter writing campaign from fans that brought the original Star Trek series back to TV, these features are usually gone for good when they are pulled for low usage.

Goodbye, past features like Kids Corner and Apps Corner on…

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