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Renowned Diamond-District Jewelry Retailer PrimeStyle Delivers Multi-faceted Infographic Entitled “Put A Ring On It”

When deciding on an engagement ring for a special someone, the average jewelry shopper often adheres to the “bigger is better” mantra – something that has been engrained in us for decades. But today’s informed shoppers know that what an engagement ring symbolizes is far more important than the actual size of the stone or the grade of the diamond. To help promote a bit of clarity on the subject of engagement ring buying, PrimeStyle has created an informative new infographic entitled “Put a Ring On It – The Ultimate Guide to Engagement Ring Buying.” Here are some of the key takeaways:

First, the infographic talks about creating a budget – something that is realistic, won’t cause financial harm, and most importantly, a figure that won’t make the prospective ring buyer delay his or her purchase too long. Then, the research component of the process comes into play. According to the infographic, shoppers will want to consider several factors when it comes time to choose the ring: from the cut and style of the stone to the color and carat weight, then on to the ring metal and setting style. Other considerations covered in the infographic center on finding the right jeweler, pairing an existing ring of his or hers to create a new ring that is of the same approximate size, and then insuring the ring to provide some financial protection. Overall, the infographic covers all of the major considerations one should weigh in order to make a sound buying decision.

About PrimeStyle

Helping customers find the perfect pair of earrings, a wedding band, engagement ring, bracelets and more is the guiding mission at PrimeStyle. Founded in 2001 and serving an international base of clients who appreciate the finest quality jewelry at affordable prices,…

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