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Sally Faulkner’s ex refuses to bring children to Australia: ‘They’re mine now’

Australian mum Sally Faulkner is facing the prospect of never seeing her children again, with ex-husband Ali Elamine making it clear he will not facilitate any contact with the Brisbane mum. 

Elamine, 32, has spoken to News Corp about children Lahela, 9, and Noah, 4, saying they are “happier than ever” and he has no plans to bring them to Australia.

His latest comments come a year after a botched attempt by Faulkner and a 60 Minutes crew to snatch the children back in Lebanon, which saw Faulkner and TV host Tara Brown jailed, as well as the camera crew and child abduction specialists accompanying them.

Faulkner has shared her struggles on social media. Image: Facebook @sallyfaulkner

The group were eventually released and deported to Australia,.

Since then, Faulkner, has been doing all that she can to gain access to her children, to no avail. 

Their father won’t even allow the Australian embassy to perform welfare checks, nor has he responded to attempts by Faulkner to contact her kids.

“They’re mine now”, he reportedly said, prompting Faulkner to write on Facebook, “Our children aren’t objects. They have feelings and their own needs and wants.

“How can he feel this way?”

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