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San Francisco’s Leading Accounting Firm for Estate & Tax Planning, Safe Harbor LLP, Announces October Newsletter

Fall is often the time when San Franciscans get serious about tax and estate planning.

Safe Harbor LLP, recognized as one of the leading accounting firms in the San Francisco Bay Area for estate and tax planning both for businesses and for high net worth individuals, is proud to announce its October newsletter. The newsletter is available online to both clients and the general public.

“Fall is often the time when San Franciscans get serious about tax and estate planning,” explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “With summer behind us, many people not only return to work but look to the future and the future that they do not want is one with high estate taxes vis-a-vis their family and loved ones. Accordingly, our October newsletter is very informative as a starting point to a discussion.”

To view the October newsletter, visit Those who would like to view an online estate planning guide can also visit However, San Francisco Bay Area residents who have business interests and/or are high net worth individuals are urged to reach out to the accounting firm for a consultation. No two situations are alike and the best next step is a consultation on estate and/or tax planning.


Low income people do not need complex tax planning and tax strategies. That’s the reality. Higher income people, either those with investment or property income or perhaps those working in San Francisco’s booming technology sector, are another story. Still another are people who are aging and are looking at estate and tax planning vis-a-vis the estate tax….

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