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Scaramucci: Bannon’s ‘toleration’ of white nationalism is ‘inexcusable’ Video

  • Now Playing: Ben Rhodes slams President Trump on North Korea: ‘We should not be manufacturing a crisis’

  • Now Playing: Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci takes your questions

  • Now Playing: Vega: Trump ‘has yet to offer a full rebuke’ of Charlottesville ‘even in the face of near universal condemnation’

  • Now Playing: Scaramucci: Bannon’s ‘toleration’ of white nationalism is ‘inexcusable’

  • Now Playing: Scaramucci on what’s next after White House firing

  • Now Playing: White House National Security Adviser on Charlottesville: ‘Any attack to incite fear is terrorism’

  • Now Playing: Scaramucci: White House firing ‘was meant to happen’

  • Now Playing: One-on-one with former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci

  • Now Playing: Scaramucci: Bannon’s ‘influence is a snag on the president’

  • Now Playing: Scaramucci: Reporter’s taped phone call ‘very deceitful’

  • Now Playing: Scaramucci: Trump ‘needed to be much harsher’ with Charlottesville remarks

  • Now Playing: Trump’s comments on Charlottesville under fire from GOP colleagues

  • Now Playing: Trump criticized for delayed response to Charlottesville protests

  • Now Playing: Big questions for Anthony Scaramucci

  • Now Playing: Trump on North Korea: Hopefully it will all work out

  • Now Playing: Trump comments on North Korea at workforce event

  • Now Playing: Trump says he’s considering military response in Venezuela

  • Now Playing: Trump again warns North Korea: Kim Jong Un ‘will regret it fast’

  • Now Playing: Famous Barack Obama quotes

  • Now Playing: Trump says U.S. military solutions for North Korea are ‘locked and loaded’

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