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Several people hurt in Myrtle Beach shooting [Video]

scam: The upcoming wayang show in jul paRiahment cannot pass muster at all, and may be just another useless and inappropriate forum for addressing all the serious allegations regarding the conduct of the Clown Prince, the HoLEE Jinx and the LRD system of checks and balances, or lack thereof. LOL.

While it is admirable that Oppie team has come up with some good questions, but why are they making them known so early in advance to Clown Prince? LOL. Why? You mean he needs 2 weeks to check his 10-year series textbooks first? LOL.

This is like “cheating in an Exam”, where the questions are already given out 2 weeks in advance for the candidate to quickly rehearse and then plan ahead on how to answer them, so that everything “syncs” up? LOL. Like that, whats the point, right? Except another Wayang TV show? LOL.
Does the Police detectives prepare the criminal (or suspect ) in advance with a list of questions to ask him during cross-examination? LOL. Like that, the suspect can easily cook up a consistent story or “plan ahead” on his alibi, right? LOL. The best way to catch a liar is to ask a series of unexpected questions in rapid fire succession and cross-check if the story is plausible or not, right? LOL.

Please lah….LRD. You may bluff the 70% “dafties”, but you certainly cannot bluff the International community lor. LOL.
ONLY a full and thoroughly INDEPENDENT investigation into those allegations of “abuse of organs of state”, (and subsequent trial and prosecution in court if the allegations are found to be true) can re-establish the integrity of the system in everyone’s mind. LOL. Anything less, is all just a waste of everyone’s time, a farcical show suitable only for gullible kid’s cartoon TV and a disaster for LRD in the eyes of the international community. LOL.

Just think lah….so what if Clown Prince is subjected to questions in that paRiahment? (that’s majority filled by you-know-what. LOL) After the jul wayang show ends, then…

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