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The abc of trending content Launches a New Collection of Bolo Ties After Nina Ricci Show

Our store has always adhered to the unique and vibrant style of the Southwest and we’re happy to see that it’s on the rise, even in the high-end fashion community

Rodeo and the Southwest has been the inspiration for many Vogue collections in 2017. Guillaume Henry, creative director at Nina Ricci, and the “left coast” seems to be abuzz with these inspired designs that come from our home region,” stated spokesman Chris Anderson.

Anderson and the team at set to work making a new jewelry collection of their own to complement the many creative designs that Nina Ricci displayed in their “FALL 2017 READY-TO-WEAR” collection.

Anderson gave a few words about the release as well, “Typically, the French aesthetic of Ricci is pretty set in stone. It’s interesting to see more and more fashion designers looking to the southwest for inspiration and changing what they have stuck to in the past. It just goes to show that the Southwest style and the variations of it, like Boho, are continuing to gain ground and become popular in the fashion world. To that end, my team has been working one some great pieces that complement the Southwest style the way that it should be.” has gained a reputation for working with some of the most respected artists in the Southwest and Native American tribes to bring original works of art to their store. The pieces they have for their latest collection will feature works that epitomize the Southwest aesthetic.

The style in which Anderson refers to is called “westernwear,” consisting of rendered in pastels, Native patterns, and metal collar clips/bolo ties.

In that spirit, the team is unleashing the most pronounced accessory among the many ensembles featured in the Ricci…

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