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Six reasons Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is optimistic heading into the team’s summer break

Pete Carroll was his usually optimistic self as the Seahawks finished their offseason program Thursday. Here are six reasons why.

Three horns blew, signaling the end of practice, and the Seahawks gathered at midfield of their indoor facility as a song that has become one of their themes — Rick Ross’ “These Haters Can’t Hold Me Back’’ — played.

The players bounced happily in unison for what served as their final on-field action for roughly six weeks. Once dismissed from minicamp Thursday, the Seahawks are off until the start of training camp in late July.

You wouldn’t expect Pete Carroll to do anything but brim with optimism after such a moment, and that he did, telling the media that the Seahawks have had “a very successful offseason.”

Carroll spent much of the 14 minutes he talked to reporters providing what he saw as evidence for why he feels so good heading into the summer.

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Here are six things that had Carroll particularly giddy in no particular order.

1, What Carroll says has been an “incredibly profitable, beneficial’’ offseason working with Richard Sherman.

In Carroll’s eyes, the Sherman trade saga is old news, especially now that Sherman has met the Seattle media — which he did Wednesday.

“I was really proud of how Sherm handled himself,’’ Carroll said. “I thought it was very well done.’’

“I was really proud of how Sherm handled himself,’’ Carroll said. “I thought it was very well done.’’

Carroll said that news conference should make clear that everyone is now on the same page.

“You should know where we are coming from,’’ Carroll said. “If you were uncertain, you should know where we are coming from.’’

Carroll also took a shot at an ESPN article from last month detailing discord in the Seahawks locker room with Sherman at the focal point.

“I think the reference would be to some article that…

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