AURORA – Carrie Ricard loves to take her sister Bobbi Jo on road trips in the specialized van made just for her.

“And I just opened that front door to get some air in here and looked out and there was not a big brown van in our big brown van spot,” Ricard said.

Overnight, someone stole their conversion van parked in the disabled parking spot placed directly in front of their home. 

“It’s just heartbreaking because that van is a huge part of her quality of life,” Ricard said. “Her number one thing she likes to do is be in the community and go for rides and go on trips and without that van, we’re stuck.”

Bobbi Jo suffers from disabilities so severe she has to remain in a lying down positions at all times. Her wheelchair is different the others. Bobbi Jo lays across the top stretching over the front and back wheels. It’s three times as long as a normal wheelchair.

Ricard says Bobbi Jo can’t call an Uber or ride on a bus.

“I hope we can get our van back,” Ricard said.

Even if it recovered, Ricard worries it will be damaged and rendered useless.

She says it costs around $50,000 to buy another van like theirs. She says insurance will only cover the value of just the old van for about $2,000.

Ricard said it will cost them about $19,000 to have their mini-van…