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Storage of Water is Essential as it is One of Our Natuaral Resources

Water has been an irreplaceable recourse throughout the years. All the animals, plants and other species that exist in earth require water. Hence Air and food, water is also a basic entity of life. People cannot drink any other form of liquid other than water to quench their thirst. From the period of the early man, in till the modern day water is used for various purposes. Today, there are plenty of changes in the infrastructural facilities, advancement of technology, rapid growth in industrialization all these put has brought in a significant change in the environment.

If we look back before a decade, most of the under developed countries did not have proper sanitation facilities. All the washing takes place in the rivers. Due to this fact most of the rivers in the world have got contaminated. Today governments have taken steps to control this by building proper infrastructural facilities especially in these rural areas. There are awareness classes held to help people understand about the cause and effects.

Most of us are aware that most of the desert lands do not have sufficient water. Apart from this due to the global effects water on earth is getting evaporated and rains falls have significantly decreasing. The earth is becoming hotter day by due to Ozone effects. All these have drastically reduced the water content on earth. Most of the dry land remains drier than ever. In many places today people do not get enough water for their usage. In most cities around the world people have to buy water for household purposes.

On the other hand many places with the tropical climate receive sufficient water throughout the year. For people in these areas water is abundant for their usage. Hence people don’t have to worry about water. However, most of these lands are in the country side where the population is very less and more of natural resources available.

Today we find people wasting a lot of water. Most water is thrown away unused. If we visit most places, we will…

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