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Suspected driver in deadly Charlottesville crash arrested Video

Transcript for Suspected driver in deadly Charlottesville crash arrested

Breaking news. Terror in charlottesville. Chaos in the streets. A car plows into a crowd of people. Pools of blood all over the grown. People screaming. I have never seen such a blatant racial attack in any life. Victims thrown in the air. One woman dead. Others critically woundeded. It became a big congress to gone Mel erk E out here. The driver arrested. And fighting erupts. On the streets of this American city, people making Naz rks salutes. Ploez, go home. And never come back. Beats each other with clubs. This is a battleground right now. Police in riot gear out in force. Overnight, mouring one of their own. A police helicopter crashing. And this morning, president trump under fire. We condemn in the strongest possible terms, this egregious show of hate, bigotry. Members of his own party speaking out. The fallout this morning. Good Sunday morning, everyone. Dan is off. Once again, great to have Matt Gutman with me. We cover the chaos and violence in charlottesville, Virginia, that ended in tragedy. This graphic image showing the the horror. You see the bodies flying. A horrifying scene with deadly results. It capped a day of protests. White nationalists clashing with counterprotests. The hate boiled over. The governor declaring a state of emergency. And attorney general Jeff session is opening an investigation. Three people were killed. A 32-year-old woman hit by that car that plowed into the crowd. As well as two state troopers monitoring the situation who got in a helicopter and it crashed. 19 people kihurt in the deadly car attack. James fields Jr. From Ohio was Arre arrested. The headline, a day of death. Deadly day in Virginia. We have team coverage. We begin with Eva pilgrim on the ground in charlottesville. Reporter: Guys, several people are still fighting for their live this is morning. Now, the FBI is investigating the motive behind the deadly crash that killed one person…

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