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Tash Oakley says she has never used photoshop on pictures

She’s a bikini blogger and social media influencer boasting some 2 million followers.

And alongside the fame and fortune that comes with being an Instagram star is also the constant speculation that not all is as it seems.

But despite rumours that how she looks in real life is different to when she’s laying on one of the world’s sunniest beaches, Tash Oakley says she refuses to use photoshop.

The 27-year-old founder of ‘A Bikini A Day’ denied she had ever doctored an image of herself and uploaded it to Instagram, telling 60 Minutes’ Peter Stefanovic that being an online sensation meant she’d simply learnt ‘how to pose’.

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Social media influencer Tash Oakley (pictured) has denied ever photoshopping any images she shares with her 2 million Instagram followers 

The 27-year-old also refused to tell 60 Minutes reporter Peter Stefanovic (pictured) how much she earns. Social media influencers can reportedly earn up to $30,000 per individual post 

Sydney-born Oakley put her stunning Instagram photos down to simply ‘knowing how to pose’ 

‘I have not photoshopped an image… but in saying that there’s now way I can sat that no one has photoshopped an image of me,’ Oakley said.

‘It’s all about lighting, it’s all about angles, we know our angles and we know how to pose for a photo.

‘We’re like any model in the world I guess.’

Having ridden the ever-growing wave of social media to fortune and fame, Oakley is now one of the leading ‘influencers’ in Australia.

Partnering up with her Hawaiian-born friend Devin Brugman to form their bikini blog, the pair are now sent an influx of swimwear from designers keen for promotion.

With the world’s top influencers commanding somewhere between AUD$20,000 to AUD$30,000 per Instagram post, there’s no doubt Oakley is making a top dollar.

But when quizzed on exactly what she earns, the blonde beauty refused to answer. 

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