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Tesla’s Supercharger network will no longer be free for new Tesla owners


One of the longstanding benefits of purchasing and owning a Tesla is that the company was more than happy to offer drivers free access to its increasingly expansive Supercharger network. Without question, Tesla’s Supercharger network was a stroke of genius as it helped alleviate understandable concerns from drivers about running out of juice on long trips. These days, with thousands of Supercharger stations all across the globe, Tesla has effectively eliminated ‘range anxiety’ for most everyone.

Tesla’s Supercharger network worked impressively well back when Tesla was nothing more than a niche brand. But as the number of Tesla’s on the road began to increase dramatically, long lines and waits at Supercharger stations started to become more commonplace. And with the launch of the Model 3 just about a year away, the number of Teslas on the road is about to jump through the…


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