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The DARFChain Project Made Integration ERP and Blockchain on Open-source Solutions – The Merkle

A new age of digital economy is here! The modern digital industry these days is not limited only to robotics or virtual design media. New technologies like blockchain change the style of business and dramatically enhances its capabilities making business processes transparent and efficient. These changes are the opportunity to expand and create new markets and even more – the new economy. However, the growing markets require more legal and financial control to ensure the gradual growth and adoption by large business institutions.

The new blockchain breakthrough technology allows even today to create trustable and scalable solutions for international financial transactions, startup crowdfunding and manage new business investments. The Russian startup DARFChain (Distributed Accounting, Resource and Financial system in blockChain) recently reported the test results confirming successful synchronization for the distributed ERP system based on the blockchain technology (  The solution was built using the components of the blockchain platform Waves, ERP system ODOO and BigchainDB database. System available for testing on project’s Github. Soon have plans to connect to other blockchains system, Ethereum first.

Planning the architecture of DARFChain

The test results are able to prove the system capability to track real time in trustable environment all major business components and transactions for the ERP powered company. These are the good news for the cryptocurrency investors, entrepreneurs and ICO startups looking for transparent solutions to monitor and control their investments from one side and provide trustable ICO opportunities from another.

The next big  goal of the project is to involve to the new blockchain economy, “tokenomy” small entrepreneurs (up to 120 million people in the world), cooperative members (about 250 million people in the world). They plan to give them the freemium ERP…

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