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The Difficult Problem are in front of Runners

On weekends there are more people coming out to have a car tour than other time. So it is common to be asked the way. Provided you and the person who asks the way goes to the same direction, you will have no troubles and are likely to tell him. If you know the situation that he wants to know, you could ask him to drive along the way besides you and at the same time tell him the situation which he is interested in. A dilemma will be put in front of you provided the person who asks the way would go the opposite direction. You would be confused by whether you should answer the question kind-heartedly to stop running or only go on running. I have no idea when I meet this dilemma. Sometimes especially I saw the person who is worried and anxious I would stop and tell him or her which direction to go and the situation they wanted to know. In other circumstances, I admit that I pretend to be absent-minded and run away immediately.

Please do not be annoyed as much as possible if there are people asking the way from you. Finally I believe that to provide situation to the passer-by is the trust from the public to the runners. And it is an indispensable part of our tasks.

Among the people who you met, the class without any bad intentions, will thumb up to praise you or say some encouraged words to you, such as you are the best or run along this way. And you should wave your hands to them if you meet this situation and to show you welcome to the praise and you thanks to the encouragement. Some malignant people will cause troubles to runners or even endanger their lives. And the reasons they do so only belong to their own secrets and others would never know. Only few people would do these things. But when these people appeared you will tell at once. When they drive their cars to pass besides you, they will scold you loudly or throw things toward you and sometimes they will be so road hogs that others will worry that you will hit by cars. On the corner of the street, you…

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