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The True Meaning of Life Is to Bear

Life is a kind of endurance and people need to learn to support: support the career, support families, and even support from the community. And people have to bear as much as they need to support. In a sense, the essence of life is to bear.

Bear the suffering. To life, suffering is just like the uninvited guest who comes unconsciously and unwillingly. Some sufferings comes quietly, just like the coming of long evening, which will make you feel the cold and dark unconsciously; some sufferings come all of a sudden, just like the heavy shower or furious billows, which makes you unable to prevent. If you bend our heads in face of suffering, it may make us depressed, frustrated and even despair to death. However, if we choose to bear it, we will become strong and confident, and suffering will become the priceless wealth to our whole life.

Bear the happiness. Happiness needs to be enjoyed, but sometimes, it could also defeat a man easily. When happiness comes suddenly, people tend to be drowned in the happy vortex; but it is the most painful to fall down from the peak. Therefore, bearing happiness is to cherish it instead of drowning in it. It is similar to enjoy the old wine: if you drink in one gulp, you will be drunk and lose conscious; only the small sip and slow digesting could you taste the real sweet.

Bear ordinary life. In our whole life, except the happiness and suffering, ordinary life occupies the most part. Bearing it needs the persistence and patience. It is just like a cup of green tea which decorates the peace and warmth of life. In the plain life, we need to bear the light loneliness and loss, bear the haunted baldness and silence and bear the forever waiting and frustration.

Bearing loneliness makes us treasure the friendship; bearing failure endows us firmer and deeper confidence; bearing responsibility teaches us to experience honest and noble; and bearing love enriches and perfect our inner world. When we finally acquire the way to bear, our…

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