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The Wide Angle: We all need a little ride through random

It’s far past the time where I write a seat-of-the-pants column, touching on a variety of things that I’ve noticed over the past couple weeks.

Why don’t we do that now.

You lucky ducks you.

Sitting down

It’s been a long time since I’ve mentioned Sue Grove in my column and the other day I got to sit down with her at the Coffee House on Main to talk about an upcoming idea for the newspaper and to basically talk about whatever made it into our heads.

I really like Sue because she compliments me so well in that little-bit-country, little-bit-rock and roll sort of way only in this instance she’s a lot more class and I give running commentary about my cats.

I hate my refrigerator

The other day Janeen and I wandered over to Rochester to accomplish a few things we haven’t been able to the last few months. Among these things was looking at possible replacements for our refrigerator.

Our fridge still works, but sometimes a bit too well. Its got this annoying habit of accounting for a packed fridge by freezing anything that gets shoved too far to the back. Normally, this action victimizes any leafy vegetables: Your lettuce, spinach, whatever happens to be growing in the forgotten Tupperware in the back.

What we realized far too quickly is that a fissure was growing between us as we looked — icecube maker or no. It’s a serious hurdle we’ll have to get over in our relationship, but we did come to one joint conclusion. Neither of us needs to watch TV on our fridge.

Ha! Take that Best Buy and your $4,000 fridge.

Do we really need four-way stops

The first day of the fair, while I was contemplating the long line moving down 12th Street Southwest at an agonizing pace, I wondered: “Do we really need four-way stops?”

It was, after all, the reason why the line stretched to Blooming Prairie and with my estimates I reckoned to be in Lansing by 8 p.m.

Of course, that’s an exaggeration, but the idea the wait conveys made it feel very real. Probably,…

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