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Think Too Much: Take our alternative fact eclipse quiz | Editorial

Have you heard? A total solar eclipse is coming on Monday, Aug. 21! 

Are you ready for this once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event? Judge your state of eclipse knowledge by taking today’s Think Too Much Total Solar Eclipse Quiz. All the answers have been thoroughly vetted by the Agency for Alternative Solar Eclipse Facts, an entity I just made up for our purposes today.

Sharpen your pencil and don those eclipse glasses, and let’s go. You’ll find the “answers” at the end of the column.

1. True or false: The word “eclipse” dates back to the Greek ekleipsis, which means “an abandoning.”

2. True or false: Many scientists now believe that an eclipse occurs when the sun decides it just needs to take a breather for a couple of minutes.

3. True or false: The official title of the eclipse now is “Oregon State University Presents the 2017 Solar Eclipse, the Official Kickoff to Oregon State University’s 150th Anniversary, with Most Events Occurring at Oregon State University.”

4. True or false: The official song of this year’s total eclipse is “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

5. True or false: If you’re driving on Interstate 5 during the eclipse, and you start to wonder why it’s suddenly getting dark, it’s OK to stare up into the sky for minutes on end without paying any attention whatsoever to the traffic on the road.

6. True or false: That pair of eclipse glasses that cost you a couple of bucks also can be used to view 3D movies.

7. True or false: Why, you look great in that pair of eclipse glasses! 

8. True or false: The eclipse is just an excuse for the makers of craft beers to brew up another batch of specially titled microbrews.

9. True or false: Experts estimate that hundreds of thousands of astronomical thrill seekers will be descending upon the mid-valley to watch the eclipse, and that most of them will be camping in your back yard. 

10. True…

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