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This is Not a New America for African-Americans

This Is the America that I Know. This Is My America. This Is My Home.

Today, national and even international press are paying attention to racists marching in the American South. I, for one, am shocked that this story has yet to get old in this country. This country was developed and fermented upon the theory of Manifest Destiny. One only has to spend time with First Nation people or descendants of African slaves to know how that turned out for generations of peoples. And throughout social media, some people are aghast and appalled that racist men and women have turned out in droves to terrorize people. Many desperately wanted the racists’ way of life to become relics of the past as opposed to a daily reality. However, let’s be clear and honest. They have never gone away.

Let me share a quick American history through the eyes of my family. My grandparents’ grandparents were mostly born into slavery. To put that in perspective, the age difference between grandparents and their children’s children during that time period was approximately 35-40 years. If you or anyone you know has parents who gave birth to them in their 30’s and 40’s, that would be the same as you stating that your parents were born in slavery. One of my great-grandparents escaped a mob in Alabama on a midnight train to Georgia after he struck back at a sharecropper who was abusing him. Two of my grandparents were threatened to have their home burned to the ground for attending Voting Rights community organizing meetings. These threats came from the parents or legacy members of the KKK that have been on the TV this past weekend. My father was thrown into jail for registering people to vote. His sister was murdered in cold blood in Philadelphia and her case was never investigated. My mother suffered countless injustices, professional hurdles, and vocational defeats based on the color of her skin; although, she has always been recognized as an academically gifted individual. My father…

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