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This Tiny Change at Work Can Make You Healthier Today

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You may be a relatively fit and healthy person, doing all you can to have a balance between work and home life. But there are some very common methods of working can cause permanent damage.

RSI, or repetitive strain injuries, are quite common among office workers and those who do extensive computer work. It is, essentially, a muscle disorder. And CTS, or carpal tunnel syndrome is one typical syndrome of RSI. The effects of CTS can cause great inconvenience in every area of your life, especially if spending long hours at a computer. Think about whether you have suffered inflammation or pain in any of the following parts: hands, wrists, thumbs, finger joints, neck, shoulders or back. And then, look carefully and see if there is a relation to this pain and the hours you are working for prolonged periods, straining over a computer. Did you notice the connection?

  • How to Ease the Discomfort of CTS

Before waiting for this condition to get worse, you should consider that any worse discomfort could prevent you from working in the future. And the longer you wait, the longer it will take to avail of proper treatment. Thus, the longer healing process will be.

So, the big question is: how to avoid the potential risks of CTS and RSI? First, let’s look at the type of usage habits that are bad for the body:

  • The position of body in relation to your computer monitor
  • The position of fingers as they strain to hold the mouse
  • The way head has to lean forward when working

The easiest problem to start fixing is the position of the hand. Ideally, the focus should be concentrated in the center, and having to control a mouse with one hand makes this harder on wrists and joints.

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