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Timber rise in prices, forestry also has spring

National Forestry Bureau expresses in 15th, should be regularly carried out special rectification, continue to maintain high-pressure situation of forest tree seed and seedling products. Since 2010 October, forestry system begins blow makes carry out fake seed working effect is distinct, focus on the manufacture and sale of fake and shoddy seeds behavior, and a number of cases, maintaining the market order of fair competition, enhance the public legal consciousness.


National forestry bureau this behavior, from another angle, can reflect the forestry gradually will have good prospects of gain, so counterfeiters come in great numbers. From the behavioral analysis, energy saving and emission reduction is the Chinese government made a major commitment, drive forestry construction to become one of the important path. Recent timber prices, will improve the forestry listed companies earnings.


Energy saving and emission reduction, promote industry development. Lower carbon emissions, has become a worldwide consensus. The Copenhagen conference of 2009 dispute continuously, forestry has become the only breakthrough field. The Copenhagen conference of13 days, controversy continued, congress finally by the United States, China, India, Brazil and South Africa, the five countries agreement to replace the Copenhagen agreement. From the content of the agreement, forestry has become the only one of them has made substantive progress window, Countries expressed through REDD + (to reduce deforestation and degradation), developed countries’ $30 billion financial aid and carbon emissions trading mechanism, Accelerate the world forest resources protection, especially for try to restrict the developing countries’ deforestation phenomenon. More important is, Chinese government promised in 2020 than in 2005 the unit GDP energy consumption fell 45%. This also means that, our country not only to the development of new energy sources, but also to increase pair of forestry give aid to strength, so that we can truly achieve the emission reduction targets. Therefore, forestry listed companies, it is worth long-term concern.


Wood rise in price is trend. In recent years, Chinese timber imports increased rapidly, timber imports continue to increase. Fujian Putian port is the largest sea port of China log import. Fujian Putian entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau released statistics show, during the first half of 2011, a total of Putian port quarantine of imported logs 118900 cubic meters, worth about $18522000, respectively compared with the same period last year growth of 58.5% and 64%. The large increase in imports caused all walks of life to Chinese timber supply concerns. Not long ago, the global forestry product industry supplier RISI is expected, by 2015, China timber supply deficit and its timber and logs imports and wood, boards, wood shavings and wood pulp and other major products imports, A will from 107 million in 2009 stere soared to 182 million…

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